March 4, 2009

Dressing Windows

Window coverings change like a fashion; what you see on the runway will show up shortly in the home decor magazines. The newest fabric designs for the home follow the trends from the best haute couture collections. The accessories (trims) follow the lead. Decorative hardware goes hand-in-hand with the soft treatments, and like the best jewelry creates the signature look.

So here's what is in for this year, as seen at Heimtextil in Frankfurt:

  1. natural look: colors and textures inspired by nature (man-made animal skin, hair, fur and feathers), combined with vintage and recycled fabrics
  2. highly decorative patterns, embellished or embroidered, based on decorative art from deco to nouveau, showing intricate detailing and patina
  3. bold color combinations inspired by energetic '70s and '80s colors (oranges, pinks, yellows with green, blue and black)
  4. combining geometric motives with bold florals
  5. structurally designed fabrics: pleating, padding, layering and folding that create an illusion of mass and bulk
  6. metals, stones, glass, and architectural influences, visible mainly in trims and hardware (tassels, beading, finials etc.)
Layering of window treatments is another trend, this time not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for energy efficiency. Multiple layers provide flexibility in controlling light, privacy and heat loss or gain.

Still, as you see on the picture above, some windows or views are too great to be covered; better leave them uncovered, making sure they're energy-efficient (Low-E).

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