March 8, 2008

My First

It is tough to be a designer.

On one hand you are blessed with working around the world's most beautiful things, while on the other hand you have to deal with the technical aspect of construction, materials, etc.

The interior design process is a constant right brain / left brain battle, or should I say, co-operation. You have to keep your creative thinking challenged all the time, while constantly giving it a "cold shower" with technical data.
As a designer, you are constantly surrounded by a kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and textures, perceived with almost all of your senses (I certainly won't be tasting any samples any time soon!). At the same time, you find yourself deeply immersed into your concept and your space plan, keeping track of all the numbers for necessary clearances, slip resistance factors, yardages and more.

It is a demanding job, always keeping me on my toes. The best ideas often come unexpected: while driving, in the shower, or perusing the latest European fashion magazines.

Yes, it is tough to be a designer...
Would I trade it for a different profession?

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